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Consultive & Collaborative

You want to be involved in your planning and partner with a trusted resource who has your best interest in mind. Your involvement is a critical component to our consultative approach in helping you develop a strategy and assist in procuring the best solution from the appropriate provider. Since we view the role of life insurance from a holistic, wealth management perspective, our clients can carry on with confidence their business and personal planning needs have been addressed.


Planning often can take a team of professionals. We work collaboratively with your other trusted advisors to identify areas of concern and opportunity and provide you with the strategic clarity you need to take action to achieve your long-term goals.

"Everything Norman does is in service of the client. He is very thorough, extremely responsive, and never misleading. I trust him to take complete care of my clients."​

- CH, Trust & Estate Attorney at AmLaw 100 Firm

Focus on Strategy, Not Product

A strategy establishes the map of how to reach a solution, and a solution may or may not include a life insurance purchase. Unfortunately, most firms in our industry start client interactions by proposing life insurance and then work toward narrowing down the type of policy without considering other possibilities. 


Our experience demonstrates that by taking the time to investigate the needs of our clients and developing and implementing a strategic plan, the eventual need for life insurance is often reduced or negated. We are thoughtful and not transactional.

"Norman is practical and a total straight-shooter. He is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but works in a hands-on manner."

- Mark Hightower, CPA, P.C.
(Tax, Accounting, Consulting)

Flexible Engagements

You decide how we work together. Trusted advisors introduce families and business owners to us because those clients need help determining what works for them.  They have an issue or uncertainty, but are unclear on what they may need.

Our first job is to listen. Then we create a plan to help bridge gaps and get closer to the client's goal.  Insurance may, or may not, be part of that plan. We stay flexible to ensure that we can service the client's needs, whatever that may be.

"Norman is a man of integrity and honesty with a very unique set of skills. Only a few people operate at his level and work so successfully with HNW clients."

- Frank Montgomery
Trusts & Estate Attorney

Life Insurance as a Contingent Asset Class

Your life insurance is an asset which should be considered and evaluated as a part of your investment portfolio. In comparison to other asset classes, life insurance has the potential to offer a stable return with low volatility and can be used to balance more aggressive asset strategies. We can show you how to best position life insurance so that it not only serves its primary purpose for your personal and business planning, it contributes to your overall financial strategy.

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