The Ross Companies is an independent advisory firm providing strategic guidance to senior management, corporate boards and high net worth individuals and families.
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Specialty Consulting
The Ross Companies consults with senior management and human resource professionals on a range of benefits, compensation and management issues.

The business environment is ever changing, with greater governmental scrutiny, increased public oversight and continual competitive challenges. The resulting impact of these many factors suggests the need for enhanced transparency throughout the organization.

The Ross Companies works closely with its clients to navigate their way through new or challenging situations. Some circumstances require that we develop innovative, customized programs that allow the corporation to align innovative and attractive program offerings with corporate business objectives.

Client engagements can include challenges as disparate as a corporation's response to a merger or acquisition, an executive or board member seeking independent counsel on a compensation package, or a partnership retention and retirement program.

As each client’s needs differ, we review the situation to provide the highest degree of professional and overall market knowledge that will drive our ultimate recommended course of action.

We strive to achieve an effective, realistic outcome that balances the needs of management, the impact on employees and the interests of shareholders.

Our Process
We approach specialty consulting assignments by working closely with our clients while following a disciplined process.
  • Define the Issue: Identify the issues of the situation and understand the audiences impacted or interested in the outcome
  • Diagnostic Review: Sometimes for new clients an initial engagement is a preliminary diagnostic for a broad understanding of the client’s business and compensation philosophy and structure, and their impact on compensation and benefits plans
    • This review targets plans and practices, funding and costs of current programs
    • The result is often an agenda of areas for further concentration and scrutiny
  • Set Objectives: Establish the scope and depth of the issue to be managed for the most positive result
  • Identify and Analyze Alternatives: Calling upon all appropriate resources, we investigate plausible alternatives suitable for the situation, and sort out the most practical approaches
  • Recommend an Approach: After thorough review and analysis, provide recommendations that are fact-based and can be supported by proven techniques
  • Implement: Provide the agreed-upon deliverables that meet the client’s goals as stated at the outset
  • Monitor: Design or provide a process and metrics to determine how well a program is meeting intended objectives.
We leverage our well established, experienced team of senior professionals (with disciplines in executive compensation, accounting, insurance, retirement plans, group benefit plans and actuarial services) with a cadre of partner organizations and individuals to draw upon their knowledge and resources in crafting the optimal approach.

The end result can be a dramatically innovative, insightful solution.

Below is a schematic of how many of our engagements may evolve. When taking on new client or new engagements, we are often addressing a business issue. Once the issue has been defined, we may recommend solutions which fall into one or more of our lines of business – such as compensation, retirement, life insurance and disability insurance.
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