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Specialty Consulting
Over the last several years The Ross Companies have conducted engagements covering a range of executive compensation and employee benefit retirement and group plans. Here are some examples.

Independent Total Benefit Review
  • Scope of Benefit Review: Appropriateness of benefit offerings, benefit levels, employee contributions, funding, support for hiring, advisor roles and fees
  • Group Medical Benefits: Identified significant savings opportunities in the medical programs, including self-funding
  • Group Long Term Disability Benefits: Identified significant excessive premium levels (over 25%)
  • Group Advisor: Identified excessive fees resulting in client obtaining communication work for no fees
  • 401(k) Plan: Found client was charged unnecessary higher fees by asset class along with very high advisor commissions
  • Retirement Benefits: Found very low replacement ratio for highly compensated ratio due to no supplemental plan
  • Guiding Principles: Established guiding principles to assist management and benefits group for plan management

Unique Challenges
  • Executive Pay: Creation of a cash-based phantom equity plan for a client mutual insurance company
  • Savings Plan Compliance: Establishment of fiduciary guidelines for a defined contribution plan for a company with no prior retirement programs

Companies in Transition
  • Executive Pay: Design of a cash-based retention incentive program for senior executives
  • Executive Pay: Valuation of executive perquisites in conjunction with the pay-out of an executive compensation agreement
  • Ownership: Creation of a stock buy-back trust for a private company with a small group of shareholders

Custom Senior Management Life Insurance and Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Insurance Plan: Created a flexible life insurance vehicle to individually reward executives while reducing their insurance costs
  • Deferred Comp: Created a deferred compensation plan to enhance total compensation package
  • 409A Compliance: Assured program met all the latest regulations for the executive team
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