The Ross Companies is an independent advisory firm providing strategic guidance to senior management, corporate boards and high net worth individuals and families.
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Individual Programs and Insurance for Executives, Business and Estate Planning
The Ross Companies assists affluent families to achieve estate distribution objectives by protecting personal wealth and business capital.

When working with clients we gain or maintain an understanding of their life’s goals – over the short and long term. Then working together we craft a strategy to assure the goals can be achieved. The strategy considers business planning, tax and investment strategies and succession planning.

We also address life’s “events” which might pre-empt the attainment of these goals. Event examples include disability, death, business loss or disruption and retirement.

Armed with this information, including health status and financial considerations, we create a program using the most appropriate insurance vehicles and insurers that are best suited to achieve each client’s goals.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the insurance marketplace and the technical expertise to select the right type of contract, the right insurer and the right provisions or options.

We frequently team with individual client’s legal, accounting and investment professionals to foster a seamless strategy.

We continually monitor the insurance marketplace to best address individual client needs by considering insurer financial stability, pricing, underwriting or medical requirements and more.

Our experience as insurance advisors with focused creativity is valued by our clients. In fact, our firm was founded to serve these interests.
The Ross Companies | 277 Park Avenue, 44th Floor | New York, New York 10172 | Office: (212) 397-2314 | Fax: (212) 315-4274
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