The Ross Companies is an independent advisory firm providing strategic guidance to senior management, corporate boards and high net worth individuals and families.
Our Approach
Change and new found challenges go hand in hand. At The Ross Companies, we strive to identify, recommend, implement and monitor the most advantageous approaches to meeting new challenges for long-term gain, in keeping with the needs of each client.

We adhere to the values that are the hallmark of our firm’s growth and success. Our long term client relationships are a testament to our meeting ever-changing client needs with innovative, cost-effective solutions and quality service.

Professional Staff
Our lead consultants have joined us from long and highly successful careers at major consulting, accounting or insurance brokerage firms. Most were national or regional practice leaders who chose to work for a smaller, nimble advisory firm to best continue to serve their clients. Thus our clients obtain the leading thinking of the major firms and major clients in a more flexible context. Our consultants are known for their consulting skills and their multidisciplinary knowledge.

This means clients work with senior consultants who typically are reserved for the biggest clients at the larger consulting firms.

Special Expertise
Our specialty staffing philosophy adheres to an open architecture system. We retain a group of experts on call while open to work with a client’s own preferences. This means clients are not obligated to take whomever is thrust upon them if they have someone they have worked with before such as in the legal, international and communication arenas. We view ourselves as problem solvers. To design and implement creative breakthrough solutions, we first clarify the expressed need, see how it fits with a client's business and financial strategy, and then incorporate practical marketplace realities.

We are not all things to all people; some firms prefer the largest, best known international advisory firms who can do everything. Our clients value the substance we bring, and often continue to work with other advisors while viewing us as their specialized or strategy consultants.

Process Overview
Prospective clients always want to know what they are giving up and what they are getting when considering a change in advisors. To provide some insight into how we work, below is a schematic of how we approach our client relationships. While the process may be similar, each client is unique and each solution is tailored to the client.
The schematic diagrams our continuing consulting process. We regularly meet with clients to understand how their business or firm is changing, while providing an opportunity to evaluate how well the current strategy is achieving its goals. We look at what is transpiring in the business environment in general – such as changes in law, regulations or competitive initiatives -- and with the client’s industry in particular to see what changes might influence their business. We further monitor compensation, benefit and insurance industry trends to determine if new products, services, or solutions might benefit a client. Our clients are assured that as their business and needs evolve, their programs will continue to be responsive to meet the agreed upon goals and objectives.
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